1 corinthians

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Are you looking for Christ-Centered, Girl Specific Bible study for you and your girls? Join us for a FREE 16 week Bible study designed for girls. Over, the next 16 weeks we will be studying the book of 1st Corinthians with some of the top girl’s ministry experts in the country.


Welcome to the Girls Ministry Collective Online Bible Study!  We are soooo glad you are here!

Are you ready to start this 16 week adventure?  Take a moment to download the Intro and welcome guide as well as watch this helpful video.  
Also, consider who you can bring along with you as you spend time together discussing each week what you are learning in 1 Corinthians.  This is a great way to begin pouring into another girl or woman that God has placed you around for this season. We are praying for you! 

Week 1

featuring: steph williford

Steph is a Girls Minister at Prestonwood Baptist Church in Texas. She is married to Bryan. She is a Lover of all things glittered.  You can connect with Steph on Instagram.

You are going to love hanging out in 1 Corinthians chapter 1 with her, so let’s jump in to our first week as we look consider the question that Paul wants the Corinthians to consider…”Do you look like Jesus?”   

Week 2

featuring: AMY BYRD

Amy Byrd is a Girls Minister in Birmingham, AL. Amy lives at home with her husband William and three boys…A three year old and twin one year olds. Amy loves all things girls ministry and has authored a few LifeWay Girls Bible studies. ❤️ You can connect with her on Instagram.

Amy takes us through Chapter 2 and you are going to love reading it along with her. As you dig into this week, she has some great questions for you to consider about the voices that you listen to and where you get your wisdom from. So jump in and invite some friends to go through this with you.

Week 3

featuring: WHITLEY LENT

Whitley Lent is a Girls Minister in Ada, Oklahoma. She is currently enjoying newlywed life with her husband Clay, and life with their 2 new adopted puppies! Whitley loves pouring into girls & girls ministry leaders and getting a front row seat seeing the Lord work in their lives!You can connect with her on Instagram.

Week 4

featuring: ainsley britain

Ainsley is an Author and Enneagram Coach, helping young adults discover or rediscover their identity in Christ. 2014 was an exciting year of launching the 501c3, Unveiled Campaign and starting her public speaking career at Belmont University. With extensive training with Josh Shipp, SheSpeaks and Your Enneagram Coach, she reaches young adults and spurs them on to healthy, God-filled relationships. She’s currently working on her second book as she and her husband move to a new state for the fourth time in their five year relationship. They just can’t seem to sit still, especially when a new adventure is on the horizon! You can connect with her on Instagram.

Week 5

featuring: kate downing

Kate is a Georgia peach at heart who loves helping teenage girls come to know and build an ever-deepening relationship with Jesus Christ. Whether it’s through speaking or writing, Kate loves to teach girls how to fall in love with God’s Word. She serves as a Girls Minister in Tulsa, OK.

Week 6

featuring: Grace wade

Grace Wade is the Middle School Director at Bellevue Baptist in Memphis, TN! Grace is usually either working out or playing sports, at a coffee shop, or taking a road trip somewhere. Grace loves discipleship, partnering with moms, and having girls nights with middle schoolers!

Week 7

featuring: Kim Whitten

Kim Whitten is a sun-soaker from Tampa Florida who is currently living the dream of loving on middle school, high school, and college-age girls. She is a people-lover, tea-drinker, carb-loader, story-gatherer, and would love to pull up a chair right next to you and soak in your God-story. Her favorite phrase is “well, that sounds like fun” and if yours is too, we’re gonna be good friends!

Week 8

featuring: Faith Grosshans

Faith Grosshans is the Student Ministry Associate at Woodridge Baptist Church in Kingwood, TX. Faith is passionate about making gourmet PB&J sandwiches, hiking, hanging with her family in Orlando, and convincing her co-workers to go to Starbucks. She is currently in Seminary working towards a Masters of Theological Studies. Teaching God’s Word and serving the church have been two of the greatest honors of her life. You can connect with Faith on Instagram.

Bonus Week

featuring: Julia Sadler

Julia is passionate about reaching Generation Z and Millennials for Christ! After over a decade in student ministry and many years as a professional counselor, Julia now develops content and special ministries to impact teens, college-age, singles, and young moms. Julia is also the director of our community outreach groups and the author of the new book, Pray Big Things. She is married to her junior-high sweetheart, Ryan, and is the mother of miracle triplets!

Week 9

featuring: Amy-Jo Girardier

Week 10

featuring: Nikki Tigg

Nikki Tigg lives in Murfreesboro, TN with her husband and son. She has been a student ministry associate at New Vision Baptist Church since 2017. Nikki has a passion for helping teen girls and women realize their identity in Christ and loves connecting with students, parents, and leaders. She also loves spending time with her family, decorating, cooking, and the beach.

Week 11

featuring: Erin Davis

Erin is the writer of books, blogs, and thank you cards. Jason’s wife. Eli, Noble, Judah, and Ezra’s mom. Jesus’ devoted follower.

She is a speaker, author, and blogger, Erin addresses women of all ages nationwide and is passionately committed to sharing God’s Truth with others. She is the momma of four adorable boys and the author of many books. Erin lives on a small farm in rural Missouri and is passionate about God’s Word, loving her family well, and special holiday Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.

Week 12

featuring: Haley Wilkerson

Haley Wilkerson hails from the great state of Texas, but currently resides in Jackson, TN where she has the great privilege of serving as the Middle School Girls Director at Englewood Baptist Church. She loves spending time with her girls and developing deeper relationships with not only them, but also their awesome mommas as she partners with them in ministry for this season of their girl’s lives. In her free time you can catch her jamming out at a concert, laying around in a hammock with a good book, or binging something funny on Netflix.

Week 13

featuring: Abbie Johnson

Abbie is a Tennessee girl who loves spending time with her friends and family, finding new coffee shops to try and reading a good book. She is passionate about walking alongside girls of all ages as they grow and learn about Jesus. Abbie completed a Masters in Discipleship and is currently working on her doctorate through New Orleans Seminary.

Week 14

featuring: Amy-jo girardier

Week 15

featuring: Brittany Green

Week 16

featuring: Erin Edwards